manufacturer of full-cycle Arctic bird down products (eider and barnacle goose)
Working with us, you can be 100% sure of quality, because we control the process from the nest to your hands.
Every year our team collects arctic bird fluff on the islands of the White and Barents Seas. These ecologically clean places, remote from civilization, are the natural habitat of eiders and barnacle goose.
All expeditions to collect the down are accompanied by ornithologists and only at the last stages of the birds' nesting, so as not to interfere with the natural course of the population.

Technologies and equipment

Our company, with the support of ornithologists, has created and patented a method of collecting and processing down that is not harmful to the environment.

Since the down of arctic birds cannot be processed with "standard" equipment, we have developed, built and patented special machines for heat treatment and mechanical cleaning of dirt and feathers.

Thanks to this we have been able to achieve a 99.8% cleanliness of the down confirmed by the Japanese QTEC down and textile quality testing laboratory.

Down processing technology

Collecting the down
During the last phase of nesting, when the chicks are about to hatch, we change the down in the nest with hay, making a "pillow" and "cap" for the eggs.
Thermal processing
It is very important for the preservation of down properties to subject it to a long and high heat treatment to evaporate the bird fat and excess moisture, as well as to destroy the various parasites that surround birds in their natural habitat.
Mechanical cleaning
Due to its "hairiness", 90% of the down in the nest consists of dirt (twigs, algae) and feathers, which must be removed before the down can be allowed into the fabric.
Washing the down
We wash the down by hand in large vats of water so as not to damage its structure. The down takes 8-12 baths, depending on the initial degree of contamination. Our task is to make sure that after the last bath you can drink water from it.
Manual cleaning of small particles
After washing and drying, the down is sent to be hand-cleaned of the fine dirt that only your fingertips can feel. Each gram of down is hand-checked to make sure that not a single speck of dirt enters the product.
Storage of treated down
We store the over-picked down in a specially equipped warehouse that maintains the ideal temperature and humidity to ensure that the down will last at least 20 years.

Cutting standards

we sew with love and care for you
  • Fabrics

    We use fabrics that are as light and gentle as our down. Tencel is a lightweight, hypoallergenic fabric that combines the best properties of silk and cotton.
  • Time of service

    With proper care, our blankets and pillows will serve you for decades.
  • Handmade

    We make blankets in a single copy, so we do not use only the hands of high-class craftsmen.
  • Warm Stitch

    When sewing blankets, we use "warm stitch" technology to ensure maximum volume and unlock the full potential of Arctic bird down.

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